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MunhauzenPosted - 4 January 2002 16:45  Show Profile
I will take toefl in Moscow in the beginning of Ferbary. Please email me toefl grammer amd sample of exams.

My e-mail is e2_e4@pisem.net

Looking for tips too.

natsu0713 Posted - 19 January 2002 4:15  Show Profile
I will take TOFEL in Taipei in the beginning of February too.
Munhauzen Posted - 21 January 2002 11:16  Show Profile
Dear Natsu0713,</P><P>Please drop me an email. I can reach you by your email address natsu0713@excite.com.<BR>Is it correct?
2tim22 Posted - 19 January 2006 9:11  Show Profile
i scored 83.64 percet in my TOEFL exam. how many point are these
wickedlyfun Posted - 12 February 2006 7:13  Show Profile
yes plz .. i need some TOFLE exams 2 .. </P><P>somebody send me plzz</P><P>wickedlyfun@hotmail.com
Perla0Salinas Posted - 27 February 2006 12:33  Show Profile
hey...i need hel for my TOEFL test...
kaarbuncle Posted - 15 August 2006 22:23  Show Profile
i do need some helps for my toefl in terms of the exercises...</P><P>pls give me some of yours and tips</P><P>my email is:</P><P>kaar_89@yahoo.com
Sob4ak Posted - 28 August 2006 0:0  Show Profile
hi people!!!))) Need help, info, advice and so forth about Toefl test- you are Welcome. Write here-o.m.a@inbox.ru
Watercat Posted - 18 September 2006 8:52  Show Profile
Can anybody tell me which website allow me to take the TOEFL test online? I'm desperate.
zimmrey Posted - 12 October 2006 14:26  Show Profile
For everyone who is looking to practice before taking the test vist this web site and take the practice test is really good and hopefully it will help you to get higher scores. http://www.testprepreview.com/toefl_practice.htm<BR>
zimmrey Posted - 12 October 2006 14:39  Show Profile
this is another website to practice for your test. I don't belive you can do it on line, you have to find a Test center who offers the TOEFL. Good luck! if you need help e-mail me at zimmrey@hotmail.com<BR>site:http://www.learn4good.com/languages/spec_english_toefl.htm
smns021 Posted - 16 October 2006 7:7  Show Profile
Can someone help me please! My sister needs some tests for practise, and I want help her to find them... Does someone knows where can I find something for her? If someone can help, smns021@yahoo is my email so, write to me please! Thanks
imtheonlyonetop Posted - 16 October 2006 13:30  Show Profile
somebody send me all about toefl<BR>muruumn@yahoo.com<BR>please for 100000000000 times
har Posted - 24 October 2006 12:0  Show Profile
i am giving my toefl next week.. if someone knew some good sites please mail me at nsdentist@yahoo.ca</P><P>thanks<BR>
evegreen Posted - 9 November 2006 4:5  Show Profile
my God, is it possible to prepare in one week?<BR>I heard ibt toefl sample after registration, and evaluate my level between middle and low levels..<BR>moreover, I have no practice speaking for a long time..what should I do at first to prepare the best possible level?..
jillu1 Posted - 7 December 2006 1:50  Show Profile
hey i'm doing my 2nd year engineering can u tell me few methods to prepare for tofel and gre?
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