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rakheshPosted - 21 November 2001 2:16  Show Profile
My TOEFL exam is coming quite close. Do any of you have any last minute suggestions, any tips, etc and etc.
Mail me at rakhesh_homepage@yahoo.com
Moledina81 Posted - 23 December 2001 15:18  Show Profile
There is nothing to worry about nothing at all.</P><P>Just relax and do well in the essay section.
amoops Posted - 31 March 2006 3:58  Show Profile
Hi there !<BR>I will also take the TOEFL test. It's also coming near but I feel free.<BR>Just feel that there is nothing making you scare. You are you. <BR>I will take the test on May.<BR>Just be working hard with me.<BR>Good luck to both of us.</P><P>Amoops.
felyngoh Posted - 4 April 2006 11:16  Show Profile
I heard there is a speaking section... do anyone know if its hard to major that one?
smns021 Posted - 16 October 2006 7:13  Show Profile
Can someone help me please! My sister needs some tests for practise, and I want help her to find them... Does someone knows where can I find something for her? If someone can help, smns021@yahoo is my email so, write to me please! Thanks
cristyoreh Posted - 14 May 2008 22:30  Show Profile
I'm trying to take the TOEFL exam, but I don't know what to expect. I would appreaciate if somebody can give useful information about all the areas of the exam. <BR>Thanks

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