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e_under_the_seaPosted - 14 April 2015 10:48  Show Profile
Hi everyone!

I am getting ready to take my very first CLEP exam on Thursday... I'm taking the Introductory Psychology exam. I am slightly nervous but very excited to be taking the first big step in becoming a physical therapist ***istant!

I got the REA study guide/book and have done very well on all of their practice tests. My initial scores on all of them were in the 60s and I have now perfected each one. I have taken a lot of other "tests" for the exam on other sites and have done very well on all of those.

What should I know going into this exam? I got a little scared when researching the exam because I read somewhere that the REA practice exams are way easier than the real thing and it's a horrible way to study. Now, this was a random lady trying to sell her product, but nevertheless, it scared me! I need to trust my brain and not stress... Ahhh!

Thanks for any advice :)

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