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cdawg24Posted - 16 September 2009 13:21  Show Profile
Is 70.27% a decent score. I take the ASVAB on monday and am curious on how much more studying I shall need to do whether it be minimal or an extreme amount.
cdawg24 Posted - 16 September 2009 13:24  Show Profile
Note* I am trying to join the air force so and I don't know if its a good score or not
juno850 Posted - 17 September 2009 8:14  Show Profile
A C is not the best score so try and get a little higher because don't forget the practices for this is not like the real test.
aiir2010 Posted - 29 January 2010 2:55  Show Profile
the score to get into the AF for the ASVAB is 36. It isnt based on a letter grade. its an average and they take wat u get on the asvab to calculate ur aqft i belive its called
saidel Posted - 3 February 2010 18:22  Show Profile
Please I would like to do a same with you.<BR>

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