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1) Read the following paragraph and answer the question at the bottom:
1.The leading causes of amnesia are either physical or psychological. In
2.antergrade amnesia, the subject is unable to recall the events that occur after
3.a shock or an injury to the brain; however, past memories will not be lost. In
4.retrograde amnesia, the patient is capable of recalling events that occur after the
5.trauma; interestingly enough, information stored before the shock, is lost and
6.cannot be retrieved. In paraamnesia, established memories are contorted. In
7.psychogenic fugue, the subject may venture into a new lifestyle, trying to
8.repress memories which lead to trepidation. The events happening during
9.psychogenic fugue are non-retrievable. Nonetheless, the experiences that
10.happened before the onset can be recovered. Among the most popular
11.treatments for psychologically related amnesia are psychotherapy, the use of
12.drugs, and hypnosis.

What is the main topic of the passage?