Percentage Problems

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Example 1
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What number is 75% of 4?   (or   Find 75% of 4.)
The PERCENT always goes over 100.
    (It's a part of the whole 100%.)

4 appears with the word of:
    It's the WHOLE and goes on the bottom.

We're trying to find the missing PART (on the top).
In a proportion the cross-products are equal:   So 4 times 75 is equal to 100 times the PART.
The missing PART equals 4 times 75 divided by 100.
(Multiply the two opposite corners with numbers; then divide by the other number.)

4 times 75 = 100 times the part
300 = 100 times the part
300/100 = 100/100 times the part
3 =   the part

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