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Rachel2628Posted - 16 September 2007 0:5  Show Profile
I take my GED test this coming Tuesday and I have two questions. First of all, what do I need to bring (if anything) to my test? This includes anything from pencils and a calculator to I.D. or S.S card.

Second, how long after I take the test will I have to wait until I find out my test scores? I need to get my GED for a promotion at work and I'm in sort of a race against time before the spot is filled ._.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Blackio Posted - 16 September 2007 10:6  Show Profile
It all depends on where you are taking it in. I took mine in Arizona and I had to bring my Id and SScard I also had to register way ahead of time because there is such a long waiting list and they only have 18 seats available. It doesn't meand that only 18 people can register it just means that you will have to wait in the office till someone is done and your name comes up. I would be there at like 8am and waited till 2pm or later for them to call my name from the long list. I guess the earlier you go in the better chaces youll have of taking your test earlier, then you can decide how many you want to take.
Blackio Posted - 16 September 2007 10:11  Show Profile
Oh and they provide pencils, pens, paper and a calculator. So all you need is your Id and ss card and you have to have registerd and payed for the test already. I payed 65$ and if you fail at test you have to pay10$ to retake each test and wait 30 days before you can retake. But as I have learned they are easy and you will see how you won't fail any.
Rachel2628 Posted - 17 September 2007 4:41  Show Profile
I'm taking it in Ohio. I registered and paid online through the department of education, so that should be taken care of. I guess I'll bring my I.D and S.S. card just in case.</P><P>What about the results though? About how long does it normally take to get them back?
Blackio Posted - 17 September 2007 12:36  Show Profile
I was allowed to take some lunch and water but it had to be placed on floor or in the back of the room. For me since I took it in Arizona I am able to check it online like the next day at around 1pm I will get my results. I did it at Estrella mountain community college. check out my GREAT GED INFO FOR YOU post.

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