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Julia100Posted - 14 September 2007 9:41  Show Profile
Hi...I'm albanian living in Greece for about 10 years.I was a very good student but i stopped my high school after some family problems before 4 years andnever went back.I would like to know please if i can make the GED test here in Greece.I know there are some offices for GED tests i just want to know if is possible for me to make the GED test.....please!Thanx
Blackio Posted - 14 September 2007 21:18  Show Profile
I googled your question and there does seem to be a few centers for GED so I am guessing you can take your GED test. I would suggest you download google earth at googleearth.com but just the free version. Then type in your address, then type in GED centers. Or here are some links that I came across. http://www.greece.k12.ny.us/commed/gedtest.htm</P><P><BR>http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&amp;sa=X&amp;oi=spell&amp;resnum=0&amp;ct=result&amp;cd=1&amp;q=Ged+centers+in+Greece&amp;spell=1
Julia100 Posted - 15 September 2007 20:27  Show Profile
Hey Blackio...Thnx alot...it just feel horrible sometimes feeling 24 and not finished such a high school...and is more horrible when u can do it but u just must do something else before...is comlicated but i wanted a lot to finish my high school...life was just to hard with me...I'll do my best...Thnx...<BR>Julia

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