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BlackioPosted - 13 September 2007 22:2  Show Profile
I remember trying to get lots of help on the internet but not many people could answer my question or help. I took a test or two each week. On Wednesday I took my writting and my math. It was not a good day for me everything was going wrong, even the lady didn't put my time down so I flipped out and ended up failing the math test. She did it again with my writting but luckily I was able to fly through that one because the 50 questions were easy. I was unsure of my essay and was almost sure that I failed it and would have to retake more than just my math. But I am very happy to say I just checked and I passed my writting with a lovely score of a B+. I don't mind having to retake my math I will be more prepared and less stressed out. So if I can help at all pls let me know I will try my best but email me to drunkdisaster@yahoo.com because I hate having to keep signing in everytime I want to post or repply.
caragn Posted - 13 September 2007 22:19  Show Profile
I wonder how my essay will turn out. I don't feel to comfortable about it, because I didn't understand a word. However, I guessed and checked it when I came home. I threw me off a little, and I think I wasn't doing too well but I hope it will be enough to score 2 points.
Blackio Posted - 13 September 2007 23:1  Show Profile
don't worry i think you will. I didn't feel like I did too well on my essay but I guess theire scorring systmen helped me. Did you do all of the test yet or just that one?
caragn Posted - 14 September 2007 21:43  Show Profile
Yeah I'm done with the other four and I passed them. I'm not worried about the multiple choice because it was easy. The only thing I'm worried about is the essay. <BR>How long did you wait for your results? I have to wait for about two weeks and it's killing me already *g*. I'm just so nervous!!!<BR>Are you done with yours? If yes, how did you score?
Blackio Posted - 14 September 2007 22:47  Show Profile
Yes I was nervous to about the essay results but especially cause it took them a bit longer to put up the results. I am able to check on line so it only took a bit compared to what other people wait I guess. I took my test on Wed and I got my results on thursday in at around 4 pm. I passed, even though I was sure I didn't because I felt rushed because of not knowing my time. I got a very decent grade so I am definetly sure you will do more than just pass it. Youll probably even get an A. As I said b4 I failed my math because I got to stressed out and nothing was going right that day but I will go back to pass it and then I can get my GED.
caragn Posted - 15 September 2007 19:37  Show Profile
Oh man, you are lucky! Where did you check the scores. Isn't it possible for everybody to check their result online?</P><P>I'm really getting crazy up here *lol*!!!
Blackio Posted - 16 September 2007 9:55  Show Profile
https://www.nrspro.com/NRS/Web/GED123/Default.aspx</P><P>I don't know if you can. What state did you take it in? Me Arizona.
caragn Posted - 16 September 2007 15:31  Show Profile
Yeah, I can't use it. Were you given an access code or did you have to register. I took my test in Hawaii.
Blackio Posted - 16 September 2007 22:40  Show Profile
Yes sorry I forgot to mention that they gave me an access code. I think it is only here in Arizona. Maybe there is a number you can call to know sooner.
crystal74 Posted - 20 September 2007 18:31  Show Profile
how do i take the real ged exam??is it online or do i have too go a school??
Blackio Posted - 20 September 2007 20:15  Show Profile
I went to a college and registered to take the tests. A lot of places will let you take the GED test like IIA and different schools. Where is it that you live? Here in Arizona there is a lot of places that let you take it. You can read my post last post that tells you a whole bunch of info.
Blackio Posted - 20 September 2007 20:18  Show Profile
I asked if you can take the real GED tests on line and they said no. You can only take practice tests on line.
WILLSLIMJIMPIMPIN Posted - 2 October 2007 10:42  Show Profile
I need help with everything im only 17 trying to get my ged but i need a lot of help
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