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jblover07Posted - 11 September 2007 10:36  Show Profile
I never have time for me trying to get my g.e.d. My family can never help me at home cause they are always at work. I really need a study partner or at least someone who could help me in math or history.But mostly a study partner if you can please on my email on 4tests.com or my email snickers75840@yahoo.com i would really appreciate it.
athensgaboyzz Posted - 11 September 2007 15:27  Show Profile
give me a call at these number nd ill help i made a 94 with out studing so i beleive i can help u
athensgaboyzz Posted - 11 September 2007 15:31  Show Profile
770 464 2814 lost track of my mind nd forgot to put my number
jblover07 Posted - 11 September 2007 15:33  Show Profile
omg thank you so much but i dont have long distance on my phone so i cant call u could u call me maybe

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