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shashwatdgr8Posted - 11 September 2007 5:6  Show Profile
I am 16 years old from India.
I am really bad at critical reading (and extraordinary good at maths). Plz can anyone help me how to get those critical reading questions correct, especially those of sentence completion!!
If u wanna know anythin about math i wud b more than pleased!!
plz help
jblover07 Posted - 11 September 2007 13:56  Show Profile
OMG! I so need help with math im ok with language arts and reading but i need help in math i just dont get it can u help me
shashwatdgr8 Posted - 12 September 2007 5:40  Show Profile
Yeah sure!!<BR>But only if u help me wid my English!!<BR>BTW wats ur nationality and age?<BR>When r u givin ur SAT?

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