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desireemilkmanPosted - 30 January 2002 3:43  Show Profile
i dont understand what the heck
means nor do i understand how to do it!!
:-( help
dlandu Posted - 8 February 2002 19:8  Show Profile
hi i''m happy to help.</P><P>when you are asked to solve 2x+7=11, what you do is:<BR>having 2x+7=11<BR>add(-7)to the left hand side and the right hand side of the equations to collect like terms<BR>i.e 2x+7-7=11-7<BR>this leaves you with<BR>2x=4<BR>then to find x, you divide both sides of the equation by 2<BR>i.e 2x/2=4/2<BR>working it out, you get:<BR>x=2</P><P>NOTE: If you want to be sure your answer is correct just substitute 2 for x in the equation 2x+7=11<BR>i.e (2*2)+7=11<BR>4+7=11<BR>this means that 2 is the answer.</P><P>i hope u understand my explanation

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