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MewchyuPosted - 20 December 2017 16:4  Show Profile
Help, I tried my best in the asvab but I scored so low, even though I passed the practice. Can someone help me score really high like a 70 at least? Please I only have 30 days to really improve.
EliudOyola Posted - 21 December 2017 13:34  Show Profile
About two years ago I took the asvab and I had a very low score, I took a practice test right here today without peeking and I scored a 49% I could scored a small better score but even knowing the answer by logic, I get it wrong for doubt. I want repeat the asvab exam again but I'm pretty sure that the real test is more difficult than this practice test. I like to get some advice's and I would recommend to improve the practice test at the same level of difficulty at the real test.</P><P>This is my email in case someone would like to help me a little bit with some advice's and share with me some word knowledge word's in any attachment. Thanks.
EliudOyola Posted - 21 December 2017 13:36  Show Profile
My email: eliudoyola@live.com
adelynep Posted - 7 January 2018 12:43  Show Profile
I took my asvab on december 14th and i had gotten a 27 im not even gonna sugarcoat **** i did terrible. on my practice test i had gotten a 44 with my recruiter it was the same amunt of questions too... Idid a couple of test on here and i got a 62 then i would do little by little test like ill do all the math together and i got a 65 then i would do all of the english together. ill be back to give you guys an update im taking my test NEXT WEEK</P><P>BEST OF LUCK MY FRIEND ADELYNE {USMC}

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