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mkway05Posted - 26 August 2007 21:56  Show Profile
sup! life is going fast shh damn,is there anybody there "EMAIL" here lol i send mail and MAILER DAEMON gets back,thats what happens when you not serious.

Well i recently taken the EXAM, FAILED of course. I have'nt been in school since 9th grade go figure. Now chit, parents were true when they spoke and said time goes fast.. LOL i really want to get it together had to many set backs i lived the life.

I was so frustrated on the writing i wanted to pull my hair and just scream out in the test center every thing else i believe would come more smoove when i get this writing with the reading intact.It's like i would read but has to interest me so i cab grasp,I forget most of it if its not of interest but people you get the point..
I can write lots of stuff here but lets work something out here i know theres someone with my same issues or similar to it. some one on my level i trying to get there what ever we can study chill im out here nyc aim sn mkway05 people comment no peeking and leaving

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