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mathwizjohnPosted - 8 August 2007 14:25  Show Profile
If anyone needs help with problems. then post them here and i will help and explain as best as i can.(Background: I'm a school tutor in math. Have easy methods to break down sentence structures. Am an AP student in english and Math)
marucoasari Posted - 30 August 2007 13:3  Show Profile
Would u mind telling me about linear equation plz?
mathwizjohn Posted - 6 September 2007 5:41  Show Profile
okay. The original equation for a linear equation is y=mx+b. b will determine what your y-intercept is. So when x=0, y=b . The m is the slope, this can be the most confusing since people get confused where x and y should move. look at it as rise over run or y over x. the slope will be the number of required spaces to move to obtain a whole number. If this isn't the linear equation you wantes then pls send another reply that can help me help you to understand what your studying. thanks.

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