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kerriberri89Posted - 7 August 2007 11:32  Show Profile
Can someone please help me with this one???...What is the average of the first 50 positive integers?
Please explain how you arrive at the answer as well...Thank You!
mathwizjohn Posted - 8 August 2007 14:13  Show Profile
This problem is simply the addition of numbers 1,2,3,...50. then dividing it by 50. the end result is 25.5. Or u can use sigma notation. N= (50) the amount of numbers. 50(50+1)/[2(50)]. this too will equal 25.5.
mathwizjohn Posted - 8 August 2007 14:35  Show Profile
I'm sorry, i forgot to tell you about the division part of he sigma formula.<BR>[n(n+1)]/2 is the original sigma notation form. the 50 under it in the problem is for the average of the sum of the numbers.<BR>
kerriberri89 Posted - 8 August 2007 15:3  Show Profile
Thanks alot!!!

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