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Jesica0217Posted - 29 July 2007 14:58  Show Profile
wondering if anyone know the sucess rate of taken the GED for the first time?
CharlieDigital27 Posted - 8 August 2007 11:42  Show Profile
It actually has a 70% failure rate for first time takers. Don't let that scare you, though. Most people completely glaze over the studying part and rush out to take the test. If you dedicate a good month to squaring yourself away, you should pass it no problem.
caragn Posted - 10 September 2007 22:8  Show Profile
I think it's something that can be done. English is not my native language, and I've lived in the States for only two years. I still have some problems as far as the language goes, but I did pretty well on four tests. The last one I have to pass is English Writing, which is coming up on Wednesday. I'm positive that I will pass. My only worry is the essay and it depends on the topic if I will pass :D. But like I said, I'm positive.

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