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alexisaac2003Posted - 28 July 2007 17:21  Show Profile
can any give me any hints to passing the asvab, i got a 20 on my first try
kervens Posted - 29 July 2007 12:39  Show Profile
i wan take the asvab.test
alexisaac2003 Posted - 29 July 2007 13:33  Show Profile
go and take it
alexisaac2003 Posted - 29 July 2007 13:34  Show Profile
are u going to the army or navy
cutey07 Posted - 13 August 2007 11:45  Show Profile
Im sorry about your score I wish I can help you out. But I am kind of in the same boat. I am looking for some help too. I took the test twice and scored a 24. I feel like I cant do any better. Can anyone help with some advice. Thanks
johnJPA444 Posted - 19 August 2007 1:4  Show Profile
Hey guys the best way too improve on your score is too go and get a asvab study book.Also there is all kinds of books one that i found that became very useful asvab power the learning express kind,borrow one from a local library.<BR>auryte wish all of you the best god bless you a lil note study hard score higher that is a fact one thing to remember is study the correct information
johnJPA444 Posted - 19 August 2007 1:8  Show Profile
also you guys do know that the afqt qualifying score is only made up of arithmetic reasoning,mathematics knowledge,word knowledge, and paragraph knowledge
yzcircuit125 Posted - 17 September 2007 21:30  Show Profile
dont feel bad guys i suck also i havent been in school in like 7 years an i feel like im doomed to the asvab with no help around here

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