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justkeepsgoing389Posted - 24 July 2007 12:41  Show Profile
Ok, so i called the testing center at TCC in texas about the GED TEST, and she answers the phone and i said, i have a question about the GED, and she goes on about when it is, how much it is, and how to register,i told her,"actually thats not what i was going to ask, and i take my test this week." OH." ok, well i ask her if the GED gives a formula chart for the math portion, shes like , uhh i dunno(shes in her 70's, i saw her at the place) and i asked if i could speak to someone who would might know, and gets all huffy with an attitude.. and tells me "WELL I'VE BEEN WORKING HERE FOR 15 YEARS AND I "VE NEVER SEEN ONE,blahlblah!!" so i was like,"ok.." sorry " all she had to do was get up off her butt and ask someone else. I cannot memorize all those formulas, i have been out of schoool for 1 year and a half...not to mention i've worked a full time job since i had to leave school, the last thing i needed was to have some old lady get and attitude.sorry to complain, but i hate being cut off and someone answering me question when they never heard me ask it...sooo to get to my point.....

DOES ANYONE know if there is a formula chart for the math part of the test? any replies will help me much!!

zer00 Posted - 25 July 2007 22:50  Show Profile
Well first I have to say sorry for such an experience, I hate people that think they know it all because they are older.</P><P>I can't help you much, but I took it a couple weeks ago and can say that most of the questions were very basic, almost laughable in some sense. It was mostly common knowledge (additions, multiplication, percentage, etc).</P><P>25 questions with a calculator, 25 without, 45 minutes each, so you get almost 2 minutes per question, it wont take you that long since like I said it is really simple.</P><P>25% Number operations and Number sense.<BR>25% Algebra, Functions &amp; Patterns<BR>25% Measurement/Geometry<BR>25% Statistics/Probability</P><P>(those percentages are from the GED papers, but for me it seems that percentage and number operations made up more than 25% of it, more like 60% it seemed)
caragn Posted - 3 August 2007 23:58  Show Profile
Yes, they should give you a formula chart :-). You should have filed a complaint about such an attitude. It's unacceptable.

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