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cbettyPosted - 9 July 2007 10:22  Show Profile
I took a pre test in math and did good on it I am having to do some review on the math. have they added to the math? as I remember befor 2002 it was just the basic.
castrop11 Posted - 9 July 2007 12:10  Show Profile
hey wat up u wanna talk
cbetty Posted - 9 July 2007 13:6  Show Profile
what you want to talk about? not much up here.
castrop11 Posted - 9 July 2007 14:7  Show Profile
how old r u
cbetty Posted - 9 July 2007 19:36  Show Profile
I am over 40.
castrop11 Posted - 10 July 2007 11:3  Show Profile
o i like older ladies
cbetty Posted - 10 July 2007 11:33  Show Profile
I didn't come here to date. This is a site to post about the ged tests. have a nice day!
castrop11 Posted - 10 July 2007 11:49  Show Profile
y u gotta man
annabell910 Posted - 18 July 2007 9:1  Show Profile
hi i wish i could get math i stink at it but iam happy 4 u just my be u can tell me your trickes?
cbetty Posted - 18 July 2007 17:49  Show Profile
I don't have a tricke to math. I think I am better at math. at least I think I am. I hope any way when I take the big test.
CrazyAngie07 Posted - 5 September 2007 20:12  Show Profile
okay look i suck at math and some of this other stuff how can i get the help
cbetty Posted - 6 September 2007 6:6  Show Profile
You can go to a college near by they should have a ged lab and people there to help you.
tydes3od3darkness Posted - 9 September 2007 11:5  Show Profile
looking for someone who is serious in helping just took my practice test and failed bad. Math is the olny one that I am having trouble with. Thank you.
cbetty Posted - 9 September 2007 11:50  Show Profile
What part do you need help with?

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