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DragonCrasherPosted - 7 July 2007 22:12  Show Profile
I am a 17 year old and I have just passed my GED with a 3430. I honestly have no idea what to do. I know that these are good scores and that they could probably get me into college. But where do I start? I don't have funding to go to college, and I need some advice. Does anyone know of a good college counseling site? Thanks.
maoseh Posted - 10 July 2007 10:42  Show Profile
Register for classes at your local community college. Community colleges are very affordable- for example, my community college charges $39 per credit hour, with a price cap after 15 credit hours- if you take 20 credit hours, it costs the same as taking 15. It would cost me around $2500 to get an Associates, which is the equivalent of 2 years in a university. Your college probably has a similar program. If you're worried about the price of books, most books can be bought secondhand for MUCH lower prices, or can be borrowed from the college library, minimizing the expense of a class.<BR>P.S. I'm also getting my GED as soon as I turn 17... lol
vashthestampede17 Posted - 12 July 2007 17:51  Show Profile
It would be in beneficial to(assuming you have not) take the SAT and/or ACT and umm score high, which should be well within the reach of one who scored 3430.
vashthestampede17 Posted - 12 July 2007 17:54  Show Profile
....ahh tired.../crosses out in....where the hell is the edit option.....grr lol

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