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zer00Posted - 5 July 2007 20:24  Show Profile
I'm kind of getting nervous (terrified is more like it) already! I would like to get some sample questions from someone who has already taken it. Give me a sample question of a similar problem that you have answered in the Math part (particularly Algebra and the questions given with and without a calculator). I'd also like to know about the essay because I have a very bad writers block, I fear that I will write one sentence and be stuck. Other than my vocabulary I think I can do that part well if the topic is something of interest, but if they give me something odd I feel as though I will get stuck and not be able to complete it :(

I got between 60 and 80 percent on most tests on GEDpractice.com but I don't know how much more difficult the real test will be. I am most worried about Math, Writing portion and the history part of SS.

Also they say you need atleast 2250 to pass, does this mean 2250 of 4000 (56.25%)? and can you fail the Essay part but still pass in total score?

Thanks for any help/re-assurance/whatever

maoseh Posted - 10 July 2007 10:52  Show Profile
I think you can't pass if you completely fail the essay, but you can get a very low score and still pass. Your Language arts, Writing section score is a combination of the 50 multiple choice questions and the essay, and you need a 410 out of 800 on that. If you receive below a certain grade on the essay, you automatically fail the section.<BR>But even if you fail it, you can retake the section you faled in a month, and it's only like $10 to retest in one section.<BR>Foir the essay, just write something. Even if it doesn't make any sense, it will get you credit as long as it remotely answers the question asked. So if you get stuck, just think of a bunch of words and write them down. You can always edit out the nonsense bits. The most important thing is to have words on the paper.<BR>For the math, remember that it's mulitple choice- you have a 20% chance of getting any question right, and if you run out of time, just bubble in random choices for all the questions left, because you don't get penalized for wrong answers.
zer00 Posted - 13 July 2007 21:2  Show Profile
Ok I am alittle bit pissed... All those weeks of studying algebra really close, and the test had almost no algebra at all (was some word problems and a total of 2 or 3, yes, 2 or 3 direct algebra equations, and those were single digit questions!). That math and writing portion of the GED are ridiculously easy, too easy!</P><P><BR>Note that I have had very little schooling my entire life, so for everyone else it is most likely even more ridiculous.

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