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iceskater1Posted - 4 July 2007 17:31  Show Profile
is it true that kaplan has easier practice tests than the actual SAT?? cuz i did really bad on a peterson's book, but well on the kaplan book.
mathwizjohn Posted - 9 August 2007 10:6  Show Profile
The truth is, yes it is easy. At least forom what i've seen. the only part that seems hard is the vocab area. It contains a lot of words that most people don't normally see or would care to learn. I've taken nearly 5 practice tests online and at home , each by another author. They all vary in difficulty and i know for a fact that some of the websites post you the wrong answers because of certain sentence structures. The best book you could have is the one by the makers of the sat. The college board book. I do reccomend that you should improve your vocabualry by using the list at www.majortests.com. they have 1,000 words to look over in lists of 100 and groups of 10.
iceskater1 Posted - 9 September 2007 21:16  Show Profile
isn't that a coinky dink! I just finished studying the vocab from majortests.com

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