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iceskater1Posted - 24 June 2007 16:20  Show Profile
I have a REALLY hard time on the grammer part of the writing, cuz...i dunno, but, do any of you ppl have advice?? or book reccommendations (prob. spelled wrong)
mathwizjohn Posted - 8 August 2007 14:20  Show Profile
What kind of grammar problems? is it simply not knowing the definition or does it have to deal with sentence structures? give me an example so i can help you out.
iceskater1 Posted - 8 August 2007 19:5  Show Profile
sentence id's. The one's that r double spaced and u have to find the error from the sentence. ----- It's soo weird. my sat scores for practice tests goes up and drops down. i'm getting frustrated!!!
mathwizjohn Posted - 9 August 2007 9:54  Show Profile
Okay. since there is a problem with identifying the incorrect part, you should learn about the sentence structures more. like what actually matters and what doesn't. (doesn't matter)Like prepositional phrases, apossitives, and (matters)the connection between pronouns and its root word. What doesn't matter in a sentence can be easily taken out because it's only extra details.(short example: sam went to the park to play with his friends.) to the park is a perpositional phrase that can be left out. If you can leave even the simplest phrase out then you can find out the sentences structure more accurately and the more you take out the easier it will be.
mathwizjohn Posted - 9 August 2007 10:0  Show Profile
I found a practice question from the sat that will help explain better.<BR> I (1)(enjoy) eating in (2)(good) restaurants and (3)(to go) to the theater (4)(afterwards). </P><P>To see this answer more clearly you can take out (in good restaurants). This will leave you with I (1)enjoy eating and (3)to go to the theater (4)afterwards. Once you take that out it's easier to notice the enjoy eating compared to to go to. The answer will become clear that to go should be going to. You will notice an odd sentence structure after you take out the last prepositional phrase.
clssof008 Posted - 11 August 2007 1:36  Show Profile
Mathwizjohn really gave some good advice. What helps me is when I read the sentece or paragraph at least 3 times. And also just go with your first instinct, dont second guess yourself unless your for sure its right.
giftgirl2305 Posted - 29 August 2007 14:2  Show Profile
im in 7th grade and am about to take the SAT or ACT depending on which one i chose. i have about 5 months to study for it but dont know where to begin can you help me?
iceskater1 Posted - 29 August 2007 19:6  Show Profile
7th grade???? girl, u don't have 2 worry about those tests for a LONG time. don't stress out now, take a nice break, enjoy your life while u have one. TRUST ME.

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