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juliet5454Posted - 6 January 2002 15:50  Show Profile
Any help on what going to be on the test?
har1seldon Posted - 26 February 2002 21:12  Show Profile
Know your moles inside and out :)
RxQueen03 Posted - 4 April 2002 10:50  Show Profile
Woohoo! Moles rule!!
jofunjoly Posted - 9 November 2005 20:52  Show Profile
What's the best AP Test prep book for chemistry?
asarah1989 Posted - 4 March 2007 10:53  Show Profile
girls, you are so lucky to take the AP Chemistry exam! My school doesn't offer it this year and because of that, I got refused to 4 schools I have applied, as I wanted to study pharmacy... Well, good luck!:)
jcalhounm Posted - 26 April 2007 10:35  Show Profile
yall are some nerds get a life
latinchik561 Posted - 14 May 2007 21:3  Show Profile
ap chem exam tomorrow 0_0 i hope i do well !!!!! i need that 5 or at least a 4!!!!
doJoe Posted - 15 May 2007 19:18  Show Profile
Hey! Do you know if they take off for significant figures on the free response? How much?
sakshi01 Posted - 1 June 2007 1:6  Show Profile
what is this ap exam?
NicholasMeier Posted - 22 June 2012 16:23  Show Profile
Know everything about shapes of molecules, their angles, etc. That one stumped me because I didn't study it in prep for the test.
BarakaThomas4059 Posted - 14 January 2017 5:25  Show Profile
How is your last exam?

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