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kimlive1234Posted - 8 June 2007 16:13  Show Profile
I hear that the actual ACT is easier than practice ACTs...is it true???

How much exactly is it easier???

iceskater1 Posted - 10 June 2007 19:1  Show Profile
i'm not sure, cuz i didn't take it yet, but i won't get too excited about it, but insted b really prepared
mathwizjohn Posted - 9 August 2007 10:12  Show Profile
I'm not too sure about the ACT but if it's anything like the SAT then it is easier than some of the tests out there and the best way to study is from the test makers if possible. Their material is similar to their real test while other people tend to exaggerate on their practice study guides or underestimate test material. Best advice is to be prepared for tricks and know your material.
mathwizjohn Posted - 9 August 2007 10:15  Show Profile
I found the website with testing material for ACT http://www.actstudent.org/sampletest/</P><P>You should study there first then study elsewhere to broaden your skills.

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