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caragnPosted - 22 May 2007 1:2  Show Profile
Hi everyone :-)

English is not my native language and I am really worried about it, esp. the essay? What were the subjects you had to write about? How can you get ready for it? I don't understand many words and a lot and sometimes I end up guessing.

I hope someone will be able to answer. I'm already studying and in June I will start pre-G.E.D. classes at a local highschool.

petrichor Posted - 22 May 2007 1:53  Show Profile
The subjects you'll have to write about are simple subjects that anyone can really "make something up" about. If you remember to start out with a topic sentence/paragraph, then three supporting paragraphs, and then a conclusion that restates the topic sentence etc., you'll do fine. It's very easy this way. Be sure to write out a quick rough draft before you start writing though. And be sure to write as neat and legible as you can.
WesleyEvan1 Posted - 23 May 2007 10:45  Show Profile
ya know, you sound very confident. could you help me too.;)
caragn Posted - 29 May 2007 0:29  Show Profile
What do you need help with?
caragn Posted - 29 May 2007 0:30  Show Profile
Thank you for the reply Petrichor.
carollhoward Posted - 8 August 2007 19:9  Show Profile
The most important thing I can tell you about the essay is 1) stay on topic. if they say give me three examples of what would make a good parent and your reasons why? only list three and your reasoning. 2) write a rough draft of at the very least an out line. The test is in pen and ant clerical errors you make will be seen.
nonotjoey Posted - 5 December 2007 13:9  Show Profile
The essay should be pretty simpl e u just have o be creative. most of the topics are simple and u just have to make something up. U usualy have to have a 5 paragraph essay. If u need any help e-mail me at nonotjoey@aol.com. English is my best subject.

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