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vampireofsolitudePosted - 7 May 2007 21:11  Show Profile
I'm alittle uneasy about this test. I took the practice test the first time and scored an even 70%, but I'm not so sure about the essay.. Help?
petrichor Posted - 8 May 2007 20:53  Show Profile
Don't worry... the practice tests are always difficult. I scored around a 75 average on all the practice tests... come time for the GED it was much easier.. it's really basic.. you don't need to know much pre-hand knowledge but the &quot;basics&quot; of algebra etc. </P><P>Concerning the essay-- it'll be okay. Just write a topic sentence/paragraph then 3 paragraphs supplying details on different points of it, then a concluding paragraph that restates the topic sentence etc. etc.
markperez19 Posted - 16 May 2007 11:52  Show Profile
did u took the test in florida?
norarg Posted - 21 June 2007 17:2  Show Profile
I am also going to be taking the test pretty soon and I am so scared out of my mind but i keep trying to tell myself that i can pass it and that i am very smart and i can pass it but then there is another side of me that keeps telling me that i wont pass it so i am really scared will someone please give me some good advice? THX:)<BR>
hes72 Posted - 27 June 2007 3:49  Show Profile
you shouldn't have to worry too much.<BR>The GED test is actually pretty easy.<BR>Well, maybe not too easy for everyone, but the good thing is you only need around 60-65% to pass. so think about it as just getting a little over half right, and you should pass.</P><P>If you do need help with your GED preparation, GED testing information, GED testing fees, and GED sample test here is a website that might help.</P><P> </P><P>http://ged-testonline.com</P><P>http://www.ged-testonline.com</P><P>

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