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CharlieDigital27Posted - 4 May 2007 0:26  Show Profile
All I need to do is scrape by with a 410 on the math section of the GED because I score in the high 6's-low 7's on the others. Exactly how many problems can I get wrong to get out of there with a 410?
petrichor Posted - 8 May 2007 20:59  Show Profile
There are like, what, 50 questions on the math section? So you can miss around 23-25 of those and still pass. You should do fine. Just review basic algebra... you don't need to know anything complicated.
Kydra Posted - 9 May 2007 16:50  Show Profile
its easy if you were good in algebra in the 9th or 10th grade. If you passed algebra with a low C your good you can do it just believe in yourself anything is possible.
carollhoward Posted - 8 August 2007 19:12  Show Profile
you must pass 2/3 of the math, I asked the instructor for you.

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