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cbettyPosted - 2 May 2007 20:16  Show Profile
Don't know how I did it made 510 on LA Reading.
litsweetjane Posted - 7 May 2007 21:21  Show Profile
Just want to ask, was the reading & question part a bit hard? 510, this is new to me, is that good? I've been out of school for a while, and on practice test I don't think I'm doing well as I should. Any advice?
vashthestampede17 Posted - 8 May 2007 12:26  Show Profile
510 is an ok score...each section is out of 800 with a combined total of 4000 available points.....everything besides math and writing is reading comprehension
cbetty Posted - 8 May 2007 18:11  Show Profile
North Carolina score is 410 to pass put they want you to get a 450 over all score on each test so I got the 450 and some. The LA test was a little hard.

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