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Jesica0217Posted - 14 April 2007 17:37  Show Profile
What did you score on your test???? I am about to take another test in a while. Ill post then
JC18 Posted - 14 April 2007 19:1  Show Profile
Jesica0217 Posted - 19 April 2007 21:32  Show Profile
I got a 89!!! Im so excited Im going to take my test may 8th and 9th !
steph1a1nie Posted - 1 May 2007 1:15  Show Profile
i got a 87.10. yey go me. haha
Jesica0217 Posted - 1 May 2007 19:48  Show Profile
hey anyone on here have an email? just wondering If anyone wanted to talk about there test.. I have been going to the classes and I took another Exit test..so I could take the real one and I didnt pass! I thought I was.. I know I need help in math and I dont know what eles.. I just got some books from the library.. Its hard for me to study.. I usually have to studdy at a desk or table.. and my and my boyfriend dont have one! so its like the couch, chairs, or the bed?? ya.. its just hard for me to focus.. my email is Rosiepinkfairy@yahoo.com
tierell Posted - 3 July 2007 12:54  Show Profile
i got a 2140 on the practice i ace everthying but i skipped 3 questions on the math because it was timed and didnt enogh time to fully work the questions. if i wouldnt have skipped them i wolud passed and i would take the real ged

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