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oliviamattsPosted - 15 April 2017 11:27  Show Profile
I need help practicing for the math section and reading? Any study buddies or tips that can help?
juliand22 Posted - 7 June 2017 20:55  Show Profile
how did you do? im taking mine on june 13th 2017.. im having trouble on the math aswell. main score i need to increase!
oliviamatts Posted - 7 June 2017 21:19  Show Profile
Do you have Facebook and follow the group asvab mastery app?
oliviamatts Posted - 7 June 2017 21:19  Show Profile
And i scored 34 but goin to retest
AFCCUNNINGHAM Posted - 13 June 2017 15:39  Show Profile
Hi I will be taking the Asvab June 21st i took the practive asvab and made a 55 but Im aiming for a 70 .so i need alot of help with the math.
Liyahboo12 Posted - 1 July 2017 20:40  Show Profile
I also been having trouble with the math I take mine July 8 this my 3rd try if I fail I gotta wait six months also you have to score a 42 on all parts
Brandonjason1995@gma Posted - 3 March 2018 22:25  Show Profile
hey if anyone can help me on the asvab I can pay them I need to score at least a 32 an I am wanting to join the marines
Samm_Taylor2 Posted - 5 March 2018 11:11  Show Profile
I am taking my ASVAB test this Thursday and I am better than last time but I feel as though I still need some help with my math
kensong Posted - 25 March 2018 17:21  Show Profile
I made a 67 on the practice test on this site. Does that equate to whats required in the live test?
bbrown8825 Posted - 26 March 2018 8:54  Show Profile
I maid a 65% when I took the exam last and i want to make at least a 80% next.Does any body have tips<BR>

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