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kmaliaPosted - 12 April 2007 3:22  Show Profile
1) Those passing points, are those points to receive your GED after the tests?

2) If you don't pass the tests, what happens?

3) What are the GED classes offered for?

The reason I'm asking is because I'm still a bit confused. If I pass all the tests, do I receive my GED after or is passing to get into GED classes...still not sure how this works.

I appreciate all who helps with answering.
Thanks in advance! ;-)

Jesica0217 Posted - 14 April 2007 17:43  Show Profile
Well where are you taken your test? IN Texas if you fail you have to wait 6 months and you have to go to a tutor before you take it again.. state laws are different but I think that they are similar.. anyways.. Im taking test on here and go to a GED prep class at the Workforce center.. they are very helpfull. they are actully going to pay for my test ($80) and then they are going to pay for my College! YA Im soo ready, Im going to take my GED test may 8&9! so wish me luck.. also if you take your GED class up there they put your in a drawing to win 200$ if you pass.. 400$ if its within the 3months you dropped out of school!!! the TWC that Im going to is going to have a graduation in MAY,the (80$) includes cap,gown, and invites.. I dont know if alll the workforces do that.. but email me if you want more info!.. good luck! rosiepinkfairy@yahoo.com

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