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Jesica0217Posted - 6 April 2007 21:1  Show Profile
Ok, I was in HS and I got accepted to a local school.. I had some problems.. and I had no choice other than to get my GED ( a teacher effed me out of school) anywyas... Ive been going to the GED classes.. and Im going to be taken the GED next time they give it like the 25.. but Im supposed to register the 9TH! so I dont know what to do.. because I havent got my GED yet, but I wouldnt have had my HSD either...anyways I called before I started tryn to get my GED and asked if that would alter my acceptance if I took my GED rather than (flunk) school.. and she said no.. its just a tech school (2 years or LESS!! ;) anyways.. just wondering should I tell them Im getting my GED or wait and just changed it after I get it??
Jesica0217 Posted - 7 April 2007 11:53  Show Profile
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