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Jesica0217Posted - 6 April 2007 20:53  Show Profile
ok.. hey Im about to take my GED, but Im going to these classes at the Workforce..I dont have anymoney..so they are going to pay the 80$ for the test!! and Im planning on going to college this summer.. and they said they would pay for that too!!!!!! ya.. and I have signed up for grants.. they said I can live off of the grant money!!! is that not awesome! I just wanted to let yall know so if yall are planning on taking it anywhere try to get a hold of your workforce.. they can help you out alot!
avought Posted - 26 April 2007 18:41  Show Profile
Hi I was just wondering what you meant by "Work Force"? I was wondering if you were talking about where your employed or if you were reffering something different? I was just wondering-.. so I look forward to reading your reply! Thanx.
litsweetjane Posted - 7 May 2007 21:14  Show Profile
Hi I just came across your mess. what is workforce? I would like info on that, is it only in certain states? thanx for the heads up.
StephanieS Posted - 8 May 2007 12:39  Show Profile
Hey! That's awesome that they're allowing you to do that. I'm from Canada and i'm going to do my math section again, but it seems as if i just can't get a grip on anything from the math besides the easy stuff.<BR>Any advice?

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