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cbettyPosted - 2 April 2007 23:12  Show Profile
language arts is driving me nuts. I just don't get it to much to read by the time I get to the end I have for gotting what I have read. who ever made these tests had to much time on their hands.
zuzuspedals Posted - 4 April 2007 0:42  Show Profile
What part are you having problems with?
cbetty Posted - 4 April 2007 10:13  Show Profile
All of it I think it is that they have thier own words and They want you think the way they do I guess.
Jesica0217 Posted - 6 April 2007 20:43  Show Profile
Try reading the questions first so you have an idea what to look for.. I have had the same problems.. sometimes I even scratch a note on the side like "name of johns dog" or "how many sisters" hope this helps
cbetty Posted - 6 April 2007 20:48  Show Profile

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