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jdcgirlPosted - 20 March 2007 14:42  Show Profile
I'm in jail lol, i found a way to chat, see lol
jcalhounm Posted - 26 April 2007 10:37  Show Profile
sweet what r u in for are the inmates getting kind of friendly
latinchik561 Posted - 14 May 2007 21:6  Show Profile
can you take AP courses and exams in jail? and are you reallyin jail? lol
girlsix Posted - 23 April 2008 10:9  Show Profile
this hoe is not in jail trust!
Poopinsauce Posted - 7 May 2009 16:50  Show Profile
This fucking slut is not in jail
AyAnADeS Posted - 8 June 2009 13:54  Show Profile
well i am and i'm looking for desmond but he's iin dillion ydc
BigJake18 Posted - 21 July 2009 8:8  Show Profile
yo im in a program in dayton<BR>a..beach florida..lvl 6 trasnsition
juno850 Posted - 21 July 2009 8:9  Show Profile
Jake yo mama is so fat...... she's just fat
juno850 Posted - 21 July 2009 8:12  Show Profile
yo you in a program well I am too and you know what makes it funny I see you right now on the computer THROUGH THE WINDOW!!!!
backwoodsbadass Posted - 21 July 2009 8:15  Show Profile
im in a program wit big jake!!!!! JAKE
backwoodsbadass Posted - 21 July 2009 8:16  Show Profile
im also locked up with juno lol. hes a damn jew
BigJake18 Posted - 21 July 2009 8:18  Show Profile
Backwoods ...the redneck....lol....ay i got a jew joke.....</P><P>Whats the difference between a jew and a slice of pizza.......one doesnt scream when u put it in the oven
juno850 Posted - 23 July 2009 6:54  Show Profile
I hate fat people who make jew jokes
BigJake18 Posted - 23 July 2009 7:9  Show Profile
christy13 Posted - 23 July 2009 7:31  Show Profile
I hate fat people too, they're nasty
christy13 Posted - 23 July 2009 7:55  Show Profile
Just kidding Jakey and by the way how old r u?
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