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mrdoctor717Posted - 21 January 2017 19:36  Show Profile
Hi all,

I just wanted to give anyone who is studying for the GED test math section, but is unsure of where to start a list of some things you should know. Please note that this list does NOT cover everything you need to know to pass, but is a great starting point.

-Addition and subtraction with fractions
-Multiplication and division with fractions
-Exponent rules
-Calculations with percents
-How to calculate slope and find the equation of a line
-How to find the mean, median, and mode
-How to read and solve problems with bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, and other graphs
-How to solve algebraic equations (in other words, how to "get x by itself on one side')
-How to read and use number lines
-How to find greatest common factors

The geometry section can be intimidating, as many don't know where to begin! Here's where to start if you aren't sure:

-Know the difference between the radius and diameter of circles
-Be able to calculate the are and cir***ference of circles
-Know how to find the area and perimeter of squares
-Know how to find the area and perimeter of rectangles
-Know how to find the perimeter of triangles
-Know how to determine the area of a triangle
-Make sure you understand the pythagorean theorem and how to use it to find missing triangle side!

If you can master all of this, you'll be in great shape! I'd recommend to study them in prep books, or do a google search or youtube search them, make sure you understand them, and take good notes! Then head over to 4Tests and take some practice tests! When you review your tests, the trick is to pay close attention to your mistakes! For every question you got wrong or were confused on, go straight to your notes and review the topic! If the topic is not in your notes, go back to your prep books, or do a google or youtube search on the topic. The more you do this, the more you'll be filling in your gaps!

As I mentioned, the list above is not even close to being an exhaustive list of everything you'll need to know, but will be good enough to get you ready to take your practice tests. Continue to take practice tests and review the topics you need work on until you are CONSISTENTLY scoring what you need to to pass in your state. Then you're all done, and freedom is on the other side!!!!

Oh and one more thing, I also recommend to add some of the free practice problems from www.testprepchampions.com in with your review and practice tests! Your review and practice tests alone should be enough for you to pass, and the Test Prep Champions material alone should work for you to pass, but why take chances? Use them both and you'll surely succeed!

Good luck everyone!

charmky11 Posted - 16 August 2017 5:12  Show Profile
Thank you so much this has helped me to calm my nerves and focus more

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