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radkflPosted - 16 March 2007 20:56  Show Profile
I took the practice GED test and my score was 73.39%. I missed 17/47 lang. , 5/30 math, 6/22 sci., and 5/25 social. So I know what I need to practice. I am a 10th grade drop out about to go to YCA to finish school. I leave in one week, and it last 5 1/2 months. They told us if we could pass the GED test in our first two weeks there, they would put us in collage classes. So would my 73.39 be a good GED score or about what does it need to be? Thanks
jdcgangster Posted - 19 March 2007 14:43  Show Profile
so i think that is a good score. hey im emily and im a tenth grade drop out too. where do you live? i live in sandpoint idaho.
radkfl Posted - 24 March 2007 1:28  Show Profile
I live in Eatonton Ga. I hope it is. I will know sunday....

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