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kay1980Posted - 14 March 2007 1:15  Show Profile
i missed 46 out of the 124 guestion and 2 of them i did not answer do you think thats passing?
jdcgangster Posted - 19 March 2007 15:11  Show Profile
hey write me back if you get this. my name is emily provo and im from sandpoint idaho and i am currently in jail. it sucks well i dont think that you will have to much trouble with the test because the ged test that i tool and passsed was like 7th grade work. if i can pass it than anyone can. good luck
kay1980 Posted - 19 March 2007 19:20  Show Profile
thanks i just found a website that you can take the g.e.d test online and recive your deplomia you have to pay more money but to me its worth it couse i have a baby and its hard to find someone to baby sit! i just passed the social studies part .. my ahrdest thing will be the lang reading .. thanks for the reply
DaRealestBitch1 Posted - 23 March 2007 0:41  Show Profile
yo wat website did u go into cuz i will love to know what website u went too....i have a baby too but she goes to daycare....but girl i need a real job so im tryin to get my g.e.d..... so let me know when u get this ok...
jasonguard Posted - 25 April 2007 9:17  Show Profile
The Official GED test is NOT ON THE INTERNET. And it should NOT cost a lot of money. If you want to take the Official GED test, call the national GED Helpline at 800-62-MY-GED (that's 800-626-9433) and they will point you towards your local testing center. They will also offer you classes, practice tests, and maybe online lessons (all for fairly cheap or free)</P><P>4tests.com is good for online practice. But also try out LiteracyLink.com and GEDPractice.com.

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