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JC18Posted - 13 March 2007 15:48  Show Profile
Hey everyone im looking at the ged website and my scores just got in for 4 of my subtest

I have a average score of 497

Science = 510
Social Studies = 530
Reading = 520
Math = 430

The Writing Hasn't Been Scored Yet Im Guessing But Am I Doing Good So Far ?

I heard u need a 410 to pass on each subtest and a 450 or higher as ur average score to pass.I took the GED in california so am i doing good ? does it look like imma pass ?

jdcgangster Posted - 19 March 2007 15:14  Show Profile
yeah you look like your going to pass<BR>so how is california ive never been there. what part are you from
DaRealestBitch1 Posted - 23 March 2007 0:38  Show Profile
yup u pass....u'r lucky im in florida n next month imma take mines hopefully i pass
JC18 Posted - 29 March 2007 18:57  Show Profile
Yea I passed it guys! it was pretty easy you'll have no problem.
tdcollins Posted - 7 April 2007 12:13  Show Profile
i hope everyone past the test just take your time with the practice test and you will be good.

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