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Jordan1234Posted - 6 March 2007 13:28  Show Profile
I have not taken my ged test yet but I had a question for you folks. If I take the test and say get math and science wrong but LA and world history right....how does it work for the retake. I read you are only allowed to take the test 3 times, so does this mean I already took them all once so now I am down to 2 retakes...and if I wanna do the retake on math thats another 1? I mean I am just so confused on how the retake system works..please explain!
citolove2004 Posted - 6 March 2007 16:5  Show Profile
I was told that you can take it as many times as needed as long you pay the fee.and you don't have to take them all at once but every state is diferent
Jordan1234 Posted - 6 March 2007 16:45  Show Profile
well I live in colorado...I cant find out what the deal here is. I need someone to help me out because the people here dont know what they are talking about.
phucvandang Posted - 14 October 2007 9:40  Show Profile
Have you been visiting any GED web site at all ? Because if you have you may find the answer there. In Kansas City here where I live, you only take the test 3 times (including 2 retakes) in the calendar year.
allieschneider87 Posted - 18 October 2007 15:56  Show Profile
i have taken all of the tests but i never got a high enough average to recive my GED. <BR>i am a job corps student and i am do to leave on Nov. 2 and i still have not gotten my GED and i have been there for about 11 months.

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