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catalinaorPosted - 2 March 2007 12:37  Show Profile
Help me!!! I finished my TOIEC test and my score was 66.10% How much is it between 10 - 800??? Please help me!!!
nilton Posted - 10 January 2008 13:16  Show Profile
I finish my TOEFL test, and myscore was 65,45 . How much is it in betweem 100-800 score scheldue.
whiteangel83 Posted - 12 May 2009 5:45  Show Profile
Hi!!I finished my TOIEC test and my score was 49.15%.<BR>How much is it between 10 - 800?<BR>Help me...please!!!
mariasc Posted - 1 March 2010 12:6  Show Profile
hi </P><P>i'm going to do a toeic test this week, so today i made the this practice and i don't how what this score means 56.78% Your Score <BR> <BR>can u tell me the score
brownchriswayne Posted - 7 June 2010 11:4  Show Profile
I am not sure of the required score but I have some test source information I can share with you.I have some excellent information and a few test sources that may help you increase your test scores tremendously. Email me at brownchriswayne@yahoo.com in the subject area of the email write, test sources. I will then email you what I have.

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