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JC18Posted - 23 February 2007 21:29  Show Profile
Hey everyone im 18 years old and Im taking my GED on March 6th the Army is paying for it.I took a practice test and did good on everything except the Math,I have a book to study and Im picking up on some of the Math slowly but when I look at questions that will be on the test my mind just goes blank and I forget stuff I went over that I know I should know.

If anyone can help me out with Math or we can study together it would be great.Im trying to learn as much as I can seeing how I only have 2 weeks left to study.Thx to all those who reply.

KPurplerose Posted - 24 February 2007 7:38  Show Profile
Almost kinda, sorta in the same boat. I have two weeks left myself to study for math and the writing. That would be great having a studying partner. </P><P>My email address is Kpurplerose_2000@yahoo.com
Xvslady Posted - 12 March 2007 14:12  Show Profile
I really ned help with math.... Im studing for the pre_test. If anyone can be of any help I would be so thankful..
snowflakequeen Posted - 13 March 2007 9:13  Show Profile
This is a pretty good GED Math practice site, I believe it had flashcards as well as a practice test......</P><P>http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0809222329/student_view0/</P><P>Technically your supposed to have a book, but the site has review quizzes on pretty much everything that's on the GED math test itself. Along with a GED Math practice test. Although, it's only a half length practice test, 25 questions instead of 50. I hope it's some help to you.<BR>

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