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snowflakequeenPosted - 22 February 2007 7:28  Show Profile
I ended the exam with 87.39% out of 100%.

Does anyone know approximately what my score would be?

That's 14 incorrect out of 111 questions.
About 3 questions wrong per section.
Although I don't know exactly how many I answered incorrectly I do however know that I missed 1, 2 at the most in the Math.

snowflakequeen Posted - 22 February 2007 15:22  Show Profile
Okay new question!?<BR>I took the full lengh ASVAB on military.com and I ended the test with 115 questions correct out of 200 questions. What does that mean? Is that a passing score?
snowflakequeen Posted - 24 February 2007 15:57  Show Profile
The tests I took were the practice tests. So if and when I take the ASVAB I should pass? Because I'm planning on getting my GED then entering the service, but I thought I'd take a practice test just to see approximately what my score would be and if there were areas of which I needed work. It doesn't matter if you score really low in one section but high in another, just as long as your score is above a 32 or something right?
snowflakequeen Posted - 24 April 2007 16:1  Show Profile
Okay so I took the actual ASVAB a couple weeks ago and scored a 68.......I'm really excited because I went through MEPS last week and signed all the papers and now I'm officially enlisted in the Navy as an Interior Communications Electrician.

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