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rokzerockPosted - 17 February 2007 22:41  Show Profile
I'm thinking about gettign a GED...cause at school well we don't learn much and just feel like im wasting time...so do colleges accept GED? and what scores do you have to have?
Jesica0217 Posted - 7 March 2007 14:5  Show Profile
if you know what school (college) you wanna go to call and ask.. MOST do, it was made for the VETs, so its not an uncomon thing.. I am going to college for Ultra-sound.. Im getting my GED..But Im getting a tutor for the ACT .. like the SAT... the high the score you have on those test the better chance.. my friend that is getting my tutor made a 1510 on the SAT. with a GED.. he could go to any college he wants with that score.. max on SAT is 1600.. Im getting the tutor he got.. its going to be about 200 a month.. but I think it will be worth it.. good luck<BR>
AnotherSchmoe Posted - 5 June 2009 3:24  Show Profile
From what I've read, 97% of US colleges accept GED recipients just as readily as those who received high school diplomas.
manishfusion Posted - 10 July 2009 11:1  Show Profile
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MarkFeild Posted - 9 October 2013 6:12  Show Profile
I think most of public colleges and universities allow GED holders welcome. And they are more affordable given their financial situation. Best way to move forward for higher education.Good luck! http://www.mayfielduniversity.com/schools-majors/computer-science/

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