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hatchdemon89Posted - 16 February 2007 12:59  Show Profile
Dumb question but im a 22 year ol f up student who dropped out of high school a couple years ago.My point is that Im tryin to get into college an i need a ged.Where can i get books at,Is the test hard? Also can I recive it before june?
rokzerock Posted - 17 February 2007 23:0  Show Profile
hey...some of my peers have tried the test they say it's hard...I donno yet...I want to do this same thign....but u should go to your local GED school..there is normally one in your community or in a nearby town...they could help you to really pass the test.....but look around at BooksAmillian or any of the major book stores...my aunt has tried to get one...they range from probably 15 to maybe 30ish? also you could look on GOGGLE..GOOGLE should help you better than yahoo....good luck.....by they way just casue u were an f student don't mean much...shcool sucks..don't learn to much with high stutent to one teacher ratios these days....besides all the crap that goes on day to day!! Yikes..well hope this helps..
carollhoward Posted - 8 August 2007 19:15  Show Profile
i found studying the SAT books have really prepared me for the GED. And think if you can pass the SAT practice tests the GED is easy.

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