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Halfnote21Posted - 15 February 2007 18:55  Show Profile
This is my first time going for the ged test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my dad has alot of weight on my with 8 weeks of studying!!!!!!!!
I feel like im not going to pass it!!!!!!!
Everything is fine!!!!!!!
but there is this one subject!!!!!!!!!!!
MATH!!!!!!!!! the more frustrating thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need help!!!!!!!!!
I need to know that what im going through is a normal stage!!!!!!!!!!!!
plz some one help me plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rokzerock Posted - 17 February 2007 23:44  Show Profile
hey...just like any exam or test there is a lot of pressure... if you've really buckled down and studied for 8 weeks..and not over fried your brain...then you'll do good... someone on 4 tests said to like take the tests in periods and not all at once....you should do fine just remember NOT TO SWEAT IT TOO MUCH1!!@ too much worrying and you mightn't pass... lol have done taht before tho..hey break a leg!!

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