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rokzerockPosted - 12 February 2007 20:52  Show Profile
ok...There is a lot of crap at school between fights, gun threats,gangs, drugs, crap like that and they teach us crap we'll never use...I'm almost 16 and my mom said if I want to get a ged and go to the community college like a few other smart ppls I know........(even online college!) Would this be a good idea? What do u think....cause all I want to do is go to prom and walk down the isle for graduation...not exactly worth all the bad crap at school... don't feel safe at school anymore...is this a good reason?
Halfnote21 Posted - 15 February 2007 19:0  Show Profile
YEAH YOU SHOULD FEEL SCARED!!!!!!<BR>but the tradition that a high scholl brings makes u wan to stay!!!!! <BR>I understand you i truly do!!!!!!!!<BR>my best advice is..........<BR>do what u feel in your heart follow your thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<BR>and if you get out of high school <BR>(GO TO COLLEGE)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<BR>YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE COLLEGE!<BR>From what i heard!!!!!!<BR>its is the gratest feeling i the world to know you got out of high school and making it happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<BR>i hope this does it for you!!!!!!!!!!<BR>good luck!!!!!!!!!!
meganrader Posted - 16 February 2007 20:43  Show Profile
You canalways get a high school diploma at an adult ed center and the will even still have cap and gown...plus you can always look forward to a wedding instead of prom rreally which one do you think will be more memorable..but If you don't feel safe talk to the guidance counselers at your school they will be able to give you stable advice...and they can helkp you learn how to transfer to adult ed if you decide to do that ..all i know is i am about to be 20 and i am kicking my own butt for not finishing when i was so close...Good luck if you need any other advice megan.rader@comcast.net
rokzerock Posted - 17 February 2007 22:25  Show Profile
only thing about this is...the councelors at our school are nut cases... and I'm not srue of anythign right now....but you can get HS diploma from GED school?

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