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steven01Posted - 10 February 2007 20:27  Show Profile
Has anyone tried this GED dvd?
Is it any good?


steven01 Posted - 17 February 2007 11:16  Show Profile
Well, I rented the first disc and I must say having a real math teacher show you step by step how to do math is much easier than trying to learn from a GED book. I'm gonna rent the other 2 as well.
steven01 Posted - 17 February 2007 11:22  Show Profile
Oh, I almost forgot I rented it from<BR>http://smartflix.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&amp;products_id=3191<BR>Much better than paying nearly $100 for it<BR>They also have the other subjects as well on dvd.<BR>

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